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Ecological and socio-economic relations in the valleys of river Körös/Criş and river Maros/Mureş.

László Körmöczi (ed.): Ecological and socio-economic relations in the valleys of river Körös/Criş and river Maros/Mureş., Tiscia Monograph Series 9., Szeged, Hungary. 2011

Published by the support of the the Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Co-operation Programme, and is part-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, and the Republic of Hungary and Romania.

Depatment of Ecology, University of Szeged, POB 51, H-6201, Szeged, Hungary



Trans-boundary regions of the Great Plain of the Carpathian Basin have many similarities and many differences. History of the formation of the basic rock and soils is the same, climatic conditions and water regime are very similar, landscape history is also similar, land use practices, however, are significantly different since long time that have resulted in different landscape and habitat structure. As the potential pool of flora and fauna is the same for the whole territory of the southern Great Plain, the deviation of the natural vegetation and fauna of the two sides of Hungarian-Romanian border may be due to the differences of land use.
Valleys of the rivers Körös and Maros are considerable landscapes of the Great Plain. The two rivers connect the human population of trans-boundary regions, and determine land use possibilities. In order to strengthen the sustainable land use we have to know the functioning of natural habitats and landscapes, the connecting and mediating role of the rivers.
In 2010, a new joint research project was organized by the Department of Ecology, University of Szeged and the Department of Ecology and Environmental protection,"Vasile Goldiş" Western University Arad. The aim of this project is to improve the ecological research activity and quality in the southern region of the Great Plain. Several studies have been implemented in the territory of the Tisza valley that evaluated the geography and hydromorphology of Körös and Maros region (Andó 1995, 1997, Jakab 1995, 1997, Kiss and Sipos 2005, Oroszi and Kiss 2005, Sipos et al. 2007, Fialka et al. 2007), flora and vegetation of the two rivers (Drăgulescu 1995, Drăgulescu and Macalik 1997, Molnár et al. 1997, Margóczi et al. 2000, Makra 2005), revealed the structure of particular animal communities (Sárkány-Kiss and Hamar 1995, Domokos et al. 1997, Markó 1997) and analysed the relationships among landscape elements, habitat structure and structure of biota (Gallé et al. 2000, Gallé 2002, Rakonczai 2006). Two monographs are devoted to summarize the results of the latest expeditions along the rivers Körös (Hamar and Sárkány-Kiss 1995) and Maros (Sárkány-Kiss and Hamar 1997). Above publications, however, do not take care for the transboundary differences in land use practices; evaluation of the effect of land use on the habitat and biota structure in the Great Plain is rather sporadic (e.g. Bellon 2004, Minca et al. 2007).
In the recent project, we planned to reveal the effect of the land use practices on the development of landscape structure, on the structure of natural vegetation and fauna. We intended to improve the Hungarian national habitat evaluation system, and apply for the transboundary region; and to assess ecosystem goods and services in the same target area.


Development of a Hungarian-Romanian ecological and socioeconomical research cooperation in the Southern Great Plain.
László Körmöczi

Landscape history of the Gyula — Vărşand region
Viktória Cseh, László Erdős, László Körmöczi

Inundation area of the river Maros near B ökény: land-use history and habitat mapping
Andrea Fodor, Zoltán Bátori, Viktória Cseh, Katalin Margóczi, László Körmöczi, László Erdős

Geomorphological processes along the lowland sections of the Maros/Mure ş and Körös/Criş Rivers
György Sipos, Tímea Kiss, Viktor Oroszi

Effects of different land-uses on alkaline grasslands – implications for conservation
László Erdős, Zoltán Bátori, Márta Zalatnai, Katalin Margóczi, Viktória Cseh, Dolly Tolnay, László Körmöczi

Flora and vegetation of Bezdin area
Violeta Turcus, Gicu Gabriel Arsene, Aurel Ardelean

Preliminary results on the invertebrate fauna (Araneae, Orthoptera, Heteroptera and Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of alkaline grasslands of the Hungarian-Romanian border
Gábor Lőrinczi, Miklós Bozsó, Ioan Duma, Marian Petrescu, Róbert Gallé, Attila Torma

Ecosystem services at Magyarcsan ád site as percieved by local people
György Málovics, Katalin Margóczi, Judit Gébert

Ecosystem services at Gyula site as percieved by local people
Judit Gébert, György Málovics, Katalin Margóczi

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