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Ecological and socio-economic relations in the valleys of river Körös/Criş and river Maros/Mureş.

László Körmöczi (ed.): Landscape-scale connections between the land use, habitat quality and ecosystem goods and services in the Mureş/Maros valley. Tiscia Monograph Series 10., Szeged, Hungary. 2012

Published by the support of the the Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Co-operation Programme, and is part-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, and the Republic of Hungary and Romania.

Depatment of Ecology, University of Szeged, POB 51, H-6201, Szeged, Hungary



River valleys play specific role in the geological, ecological and social systems of the Carpathian Basin. They cross regions of varied basic rock and climate, connect distant habitats, therefore they may mediate several impacts across different landscapes. The rivers are also very important in landscape formation of the Great Plain. River valleys, such as the Maros valley, are often divided by political borders that manifests in social and land use differences, and as a consequence may have a strong effect on the natural communities.
In 2010, a new joint research project was organized by the Department of Ecology, University of Szeged and the Department of Ecology and Environmental protection,"Vasile Goldiş" Western University Arad. The aim of this project was to improve the ecological research activity and quality in the southern region of the Great Plain. As a result of the research activity, we completed a monograph (Körmöczi 2011) that summarized the main activities and some conclusions of the common investigations. This project was continued in 2011, focusing mainly on the nature, on the effects of the land use differences and on the role of the river in shaping the landscape and biota. We investigated the landscape and habitat structure of transboundary territories, anthropogenic background of the landscape differences, properties of animal assemblages of quickly changing habitats – islands and reefs, and the phylogenetics of certain rear animal species.



New results of the Hungarian-Romanian ecological and socio-economical research cooperation in the  Maros-valley
László Körmöczi

Vegetation of the river Maros and its surroundings (southern Hungary)
Viktória Cseh, Zoltán Bátori, László Erdős, László Körmöczi

Considerations on plants and ecosystems diversity and conservation within four locations along the river Mureș/Maros.
Gicu-Gabriel Arsene, Iulia-Natalia Dărăban, Violeta Turcuș, Ioan Don, Aurel Ardelean, Marian-Constantin Petrescu, Daciana Turcuș

Further data on the true bug fauna (Insecta: Heteroptera) of alkaline grasslands in the Hungarian-Romanian border region
Attila Torma

Data on the Arthropod (Araneae, formividae, Heteroptera) fauna of Floodplan forests at the lower reach of the River Maros/Mures
Róbert Gallé, Gábor Lőrinczi, Nikolett Szpisjak, István Maák, Attila Torma

Preliminary report on spider assemblage form the pastures and fieldcrops of the Mures River floodplain
Ioan Duma

Contribution to the knowledge of the Orthopteran fauna (Caelifera et Ensifera, Dermaptera, Mantodea and Blattaria) of the Mures Valley
Richard Hoffmann

Land use and ecosystem services in the hungarian section of Maros valley
Barbara Mihók, Judit Gébert, Katalin Margóczi, Viktória Cseh, Noémi Hangya, Ágnes Roboz, Ádám Posta, György Málovics

An institutional analysis of land use in the Maroslele area in hungary
György Málovics, Viktória Cseh, Judit Gébert, Noémi Hangya, Katalin Margóczi, Barbara Mihók, Ádám Posta, Ágnes Roboz

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