Tiscia was founded in 1965, ten years after the first expedition in the Tisza valley, and eight years after the foundation of the Tisza Research Committee.(Details of the history can be read on the pages of Tiscia.)

Originally Tiscia was the official forum of the Tisza Research Committee. Now it belongs to the Department of Ecology, University of Szeged, Hungary.

Tiscia presents original papers on the wide spectrum of ecological problems. Traditionally, Tiscia reports papers about Tisza valley, but beginning with the 26th Volume, we invite contributions from all the ecology, with special regards to the work carried out in the Great Hungarian Plain. Simple floristical, faunistical or cenological papers are not considered for publication. Tiscia is open for full papers, short communications, notes and comments or even reviews. Each submitted paper is a subject of review by two independent referees.